A more efficient HVAC unit in the end

My area is known for getting some really bad storms.

The worst storm I ever saw was a wind storm.

The storm produced some hurricane winds that wreaked havoc in our area… Most of the tiles on our roof were blown away. I was lucky that the whole roof wasn’t torn off from our home. Yes, the roof was easily old plus I had been thinking about having a modern roof installed for a long time. I decided that I was going to do a bunch of upgrades to the home after all this damage. I’d been saving money for years. Now seemed like a superb time to use that money for something good. I decided that I wanted to install solar panels on top of a new roof. Doing this would seal up the home and promote less energy waste. I could lower the monthly energy bills. Our old Heating and Air Conditioning component was a pretty major energy waste to be sure. I thought it was a great time to upgrade the whole Heating and Air Conditioning system as well. It was a lot of money thrown around, but worth it. I got a business that did roofing, panels and HVAC installation. So I got a good deal by buying so much from them. They suggested a really nice energy efficient Heating and Air Conditioning system. It wasn’t anything expensive. I did not get heated floors or some geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning system, but it was something that was far better than what I was using before.

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