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AC breaks when gardening

I never had any experience with gardening before until this year.

I decided that it would be a nice idea to plant all kinds of fruits in the front yard.

So I got a bunch of seeds for different types of fruit trees plus started planting them in the Spring months. I was so happy when I observed that trees were coming up, however a lot of those plants were not fruits! They were weeds that were coming up all over the place. I started going out there every morning to pull all the weeds plus then I was happy when the actual blooms were easily coming up. You could tell the difference from the weeds plus the fruits because the weeds grew way too fast plus had all kinds of spiky ends on the leaves. The fruit trees actually looked great even before they blossomed. When all the appealing trees started to bloom, I was genuinely impressed with my work as a novice gardener. The only issue was that I was always out there while I was in the heat of the day. I did not have any access to the home air conditioner; Believe it or not, having no access to climate control was not something I thought about when getting into this gardening work. You always have to pull weeds plus water the flowers to keep them fresh. You even have to use fertilizer to make those trees extra healthy. I have been taking breaks in the a/c. This is to make sure to not overheat.

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