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As I Get Older, I Seem to Be Cold More

Have you ever noticed how little old men constantly seem to be wearing a sweater? Ever since I was a kid, I couldn’t help but notice this. I live in a southern state, trust me, it seems extremely weird to see folks wearing a sweater in August. All I want to do during the summer time is turn the temperature setting on the thermostat ever lower! The air conditioner is my best buddy throughout most of the year down here! This is especially true in the summer though because the thermostat often reads near the triple digits! Enjoying the delight of the air conditioner on myself and others is a delight to behold. I realize that I am honestly blessed indeed, as numerous folks in other countries would have no such A/C access. I will admit, though, that being freezing more often may be a nice thing. That means that as we all get older, we all require less A/C. Therefore, we all save a few bucks every week; Perhaps the little old men who set their control units on 88 have extra currency to burn after they have paid their invoices. Personally, the A/c eats up most of my otherwise disposable income each summer. I remember my dad, before he passed, was never hot. Whenever I visited with him, I was dying to adjust the thermostat. However, out of respect to him, I did not. It was enjoyable to get in the automobile as well as blast that A/c right on my face after I sat with him in his home.

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