Friends falling in love over a/c

The story of how Ben and Jen got together is pretty neat.

Each of my friends were raised in a farming area so they were no strangers to doing back breaking work. Ben’s family was honestly fortunate to get a nice window A/C component installed in their home. This was before a lot of families in that section even got access to any type of cooling machine. Ben became friends with Jen at nursery school plus invited her over to the house a lot. When she first was able to see the air conditioner at supper one time, it changed her life. She wanted to come over to see Ben all the time to look at the pleasant air conditioner from time to time. They would consistently only use the air conditioner at certain times when the group would get-together to eat after work. Jen even helped out with a lot of the farming tasks, even though Jen also had to keep up with her own stuff at home; Unfortunately at her home, her family didn’t have A/C. Eventually Jen was able to convince her own parents to have an A/C device installed plus they finally saved up for one. Then Ben was consistently going over to Jen’s home as well plus the families became close friends. Eventually Ben and Jen started dating plus fell in love with one another. I like to think that they got together because they both appreciated the A/C plus each other’s company.

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