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Malfunction with air conditioner at hotel

Vacations are something I spend a lot of time planning to make certain every detail is perfect for everyone involved.

I am dedicated to research.

My husband and I were taking ten days driving south to visit some family and see some sites. We had always wanted to tour the southern states. After reading all the customer reviews, checking prices and finally booking everything, we packed up and got ready to go. We arrived at our first hotel and it was just as quaint yet modern as it appeared in the pictures on the website! Once we dragged our bags to the room, I decided to start the air conditioning. I hoped that when we came back from sightseeing, the room would be nice and cool. I hoped to be comfortable. The room felt a little too warm. When we returned about two hours later, the room was nowhere near as cool as I’d hoped. The air conditioner didn’t seem to be working so I called the front desk. Not wanting to deal with a repairman and thinking it was just that individual air conditioner, we asked to switch rooms. We hoped the new room would have a working air conditioner. We cranked it up and finally fell asleep. Around more than one in the morning it became very apparent that there was an issue with the HVAC system throughout the entire hotel. The room felt super overheated. While the staff offered fans to all the affected patrons, they explained that there was a malfunction with the compressor. The cooling system was not working on multiple floors. Fortunately, there was a vacancy at the hotel we planned to stay at next. We simply left a day early. It was a relief to arrive at the second hotel and take advantage of a functioning air conditioner.



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