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My brother work is Incentivizing physical fitness

My brother did not enjoy working for the human resources department, it was not what he wanted to do with his life.

  • However, he currently is working in human resources.

It’s not bad work, pays well, and there’s not real reason why he shouldn’t appreciate it. However, he doesn’t care for the work, he hates the HR work because it bores him. Being bored is a death sentence for a kid, but as an adult, you can turn that boredom around and make the most of it. If you can’t make the most of it, you can turn it into something else. My brother has been pushing for a corporate wellness program to be instituted at the corporation. Encouraging all of the employees towards physical fitness is a way to improve their health, and also great for their health insurance premiums. If everyone on his staff started to lose weight, exercise, and eat right it could actually save the supplier millions every year! With that sort of money involved, it might be a smart play to either build a gym room in my brothers office building, or even pay for everyone’s gym memberships. However, no matter how they try and do it, the crucial thing is to stress the importance of physical fitness. It is important for health reasons and financial reasons. Now that my brother has his bosses behind him, he can start pitching the physical fitness plan to his supervisors and department heads.

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