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on the road with bad HVAC

My child is an over the road truck driver these days.

I have to laugh at him when he calls on the phone too myself and others in the early morning.

He consistently seems to be highly surprised that I am answering phone. He usually calls in the morning before he goes to bed because he drives all night long. I was shocked to hear from him in the afternoon a couple weeks ago, which was out of character. He called to tell myself and others that he got a call new truck. He was so excited. He told myself and others very quickly about the small refrigerator plus the cable cable. He then went on and told myself and others about the Heating plus A/C system. He also said he bought the truck because of the advanced temperature control. He has Zone Control Heating and Cooling in his truck plus he is loving it. He can adjust the exact amount of heating plus cooling that he gets passed into the sleeper area of the cab. He also has a control unit for the other passenger side of the truck where his driving partner sits. He also said the driver side heating system works the absolute best although he needs to find someway to get the waves of heat off his feet. He told myself and others that his feet are consistently smelly and covered in sweat plus they itch. He has tried driving without any shoes to keep his nasty feet cooler, although he can’t drive barefoot. I was belly laughing however he didn’t suppose it was funny.


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