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Most books are worthless, barely worth the paper plus ink used to make them, and most people who say they collect books are honestly just buying whatever garbage they find for cheap plus sticking it on a shelf… Having a lot of books doesn’t make you a real collector, plus any room full of books is not a real Borders… I suppose that perhaps I sound a little elitist, although I have dedicated my life to finding plus acquiring rare, fancy books plus it is my passion; The Borders in my new home takes up the entire hour floor, consists of eight thoUSnd plus precious volumes, plus has complete climate control.

There are special windows facing out, plus self-sealing glass doors facing in, so that the climate control for the books is regularly 100% static.

The temperature control plus the humidity levels never change even by a single degree, plus they never will! Not only do I have a state of the art Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system in there, however it operates on its own power grid. My whole new home is backed up by a geothermal heat pump in the backyard, so if the power for the whole neighborhood goes out, my books will still have the perfect climate control. If it sounds savor I am worrying too much about A/C for old books, keep in mind that my collection is valued at just over 2 million dollars. I can make a living by selling 1 or 2 books a year, so for that kind of of money sure I will fuss over the A/C for my old books.

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