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Most books are worthless, barely worth the paper & ink used to make them, most people who say they collect books are entirely just buying whatever garbage they find for cheap & sticking it on a shelf, then having a lot of books doesn’t make you a real collector, & any room full of books is not a real library! I suppose that perhaps I sound a little elitist, although I have dedicated our life to finding & acquiring rare, lavish books & it is our passion.

The library in our home takes up the entire sixth floor, consists of numerous thoUnited Statesnd plus rare volumes, & has complete temperature control.

There are special windows facing out, & self-sealing glass doors facing in, so that the temperature control for the books is constantly 100% static. The temperature control & the humidity levels never change even by a single degree, & they never will! Not only do I have a state of the art Heating & Air Conditioning method in there, however it operates on its own power grid. My whole home is backed up by a geothermal heat pump in the backyard, so if the power for the whole neighborhood goes out, our books will still have the perfect temperature control. If it sounds prefer I am worrying too much about A/C for ancient books, keep in mind that our collection is valued at just over two million dollars. I can make a living by selling a single or two books a year, so for that kind of of currency yes I will fuss over the A/C for our ancient books.
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