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Wanting central air conditioning but having no ductwork

We are always warned that during pregnancy everything smells and tastes weird.

Things are unpleasant that have never bothered you before.

I thought this didn’t apply to me at first. During my first two trimesters, I felt perfect other than feeling a little extra exhaustion at night. My husband Keith and I live in a climate that only provides a few months of very warm and humid weather. Once the Summer arrived, it became obvious that the heat and clammy conditions were going to be a concern for me. There was no way I was going to survive several more months without air conditioning. So Keith made a call to a local HVAC contractor to see about having an air conditioning system installed. When the HVAC contractor showed, he was very sympathetic to the situation. Unfortunately, without spending a small fortune, we were unable to add a whole house central cooling system. This is because we have a boiler heater and no ductwork. We are unwilling to replace the whole HVAC system to add ducts. We did have some options to choose from. We looked into high velocity HVAC systems as well as ductless multi-split air conditioning. We decided to take a much less expensive route. Since we only have brief summer weather, we purchased a window air conditioner for the bedroom. The unit is lightweight and compact yet quite powerful. It easily cools the bedroom down and maintains a comfortable temperature. I spent the last few months of my pregnancy pretty much lying in bed and enjoying the air conditioning.

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