Wife should rest inside with the a/c

My wife Pam has gotten into growing tea.

She is a big tea drinker and wanted to brew her own batch.

She now grows Green tea, Black tea, plus even mango tea in her garden outside. She has all kinds of appealing tea leaves from cute flower varieties. Those tea plants are hard to handle. She has to make sure the vines get into our home trellis. It’s easily neat because she also has these hammock nets to hold the plants on the trellis. It seems she’s out there all the time with her plants watering plus taking superb care of them. Pam harvests the leaves once a year and is out there all day. There’s so much work involved, I am consistently distraught about her comfort level. I don’t want my wife to faint from heat stroke on hot mornings so I keep the temperature control settings just right in the apartment so my wife can come in for some A/C breaks. Pam insists that she is just alright, but I won’t let her stay out there for honestly long without coming in with the A/C to cool her off. I will have cool drinks prepared for the two of us, usually just fresh lemonade. I also will prepare us a meal so that Pam will have plenty of energy to go back to work on her tea leaves. It’s nice to see her so refreshed so she can get back out there in the garden. She loves it so much.

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