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Air conditioner not working in car

I rarely spend extra money for nice things.

I have five brothers and sisters, and growing up, there was no extra money.

At an early age, I was determined to be successful. I got very good grades during high school and earned a college scholarship. However, I still have student loans to pay and I’m working at an entry level position. I’m still struggling to pay my bills. Because money is tight, I don’t treat myself to any luxuries. I tend to buy the cheapest option possible. I am always looking for discounts, sales and deals. I am very careful about how I adjust the thermostat. I hope to get through the year without having to go to my credit card to cover expenses. I am very frugal when it comes to purchasing anything big. I’ve always bought my vehicles from private sellers in cash. I’ve typically gotten cars with very high mileage. Just recently, I decided to buy a newish car from an actual car dealership. There was a few problems. I drove the car off the lot and everything seemed fine. Then I tried to start up the air conditioning. I couldn’t get anything but hot air from the vents. I messed around with the temperature setting, fan speed and even switched back and forth between heating and air conditioning. There was little air coming from the vents and it was hot. I started sweating and sticking to the seat. After 10 minutes of this, I turned right around and headed right back to the car dealer. I demanded that they either fix the air conditioning in the car for free or I wanted my money back.

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