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Ductless split system handles temperature control for winery

I have a great job in a really comfortable environment.

Compared to the other people I know, I am very fortunate.

All of my friends report to a traditional office every morning, Monday thru Friday. They are trapped in a cubicle or some kind of shared space with tons of other workers for eight straight hours. They stare at screens and are always stressed and in a rush. I have some major responsibilities in my job, but the environment is comfortable and casual. I work in a small winery. We start with the grapes, break them down to juice and go through the fermentation process. We bottle the wine, label the bottles and pack them into cases. There is a small crew of us and we handle every stage of the process from berry to glass. Or production area is quite sizeable and kept very clean. For the integrity of the fermentation process, the end product and storage of the wine, it’s necessary to keep a very cool indoor temperature. The winery is equipped with a ductless multi split system. There is one outdoor air compressor that links to a half dozen indoor air handlers mounted up high on the walls. The ductless system combines both heating and cooling capability and each air handler is adjusted by an individual cordless remote. The building is maintained right around 70 degrees all year round. In the summer, stepping inside the building is very enjoyable. No matter how hot and humid it is outside, the facility is perfectly cool and comfortable. I typically bring a light jacket to wear while working. During the winter, I wish the conditions were a bit warmer. When the outdoor temperature drops below zero, the ductless heat pumps are working hard to keep the indoor conditions warm enough. It’s perfect for the wine and a little chilly for the workers. I simply add a sweater to my outfit and I’m fine. I like that the ductless system filters contaminants out of the air and keeps very healthy air quality.
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