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He owns a cross fit gym

I’ve been dating the same guy for a few months now.

  • This guy is absurdly wonderful looking plus in fantastic shape.

He takes really wonderful care of himself, which is a wonderful thing for him plus for me. The main reason that he takes wonderful care of himself is because he is a personal trainer at a cross fit gym. I don’t believe if you believe much at all about cross fit, however when you’re a cross fit teacher, you have to be absurdly strong plus fit, however james has been absolutely working as a certified fitness expert for a couple of years, plus he’s also gotten a degree in nutritional counseling. The fact that he knows so much about wellness plus reclaim programs would particularly freak a lot of people out as far as dating them goes. But for me,it’s not really that big of a deal, then of course, he does spend an inordinate amount of time in the cross fit gym, absolutely working on his monthly workout programs plus his wellness plus reclaim programs. I know dating a personal trainer has its pros plus cons. The pro is having such a cute plus fit guy as our guy, of course. But then the con is the fact that he’s in the gym plus in the cross fit gym way more than he is with me. I believe that he has to work, however occasionally I suppose that he’s way more interested in his fitness coaching than he is in me. I mean, I’m glad he enjoys his work plus everything, although I also want to be number one on his list of pressing things.

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