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The Soccer Girls Are Seeing A Personal Trainer

I am a college girls soccer coach plus our team is extremely out of shape! During the university year, I work them hard through drills, but I have the girls now working on cardio to keep up.

Every now and again I will let them enter the weight room to lift, but most of the time I just try to get the team in nice shape.

It is amazing how lazy these kids are now. I believe technology has poorly affected the athleticism in today’s children. I’m not equipped to handle getting them into shape either, so I’ve started speaking with a personal training center in town that offers youth fitness programs. Over their summer vacation, I am going to make them go to the training center a few afternoons a week for an hour session. They will do a group fitness class that then turns into a small group workout based on positions. The personal trainer that will work one on one with them is perfect because he’s in his late twenties. My college girls are going to adore him. I believe they will work way harder to impress him. I don’t believe they’ll want to fail, or get out of a workout with him around. The trainer also seems to love the idea and will come up with nice exercises for the team. I hope this turns into a fabulous idea and the team gets into shape. At the very least, I hope the soccer girls have fun plus build a rapport with a single another.
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