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What an awesome present

When I was a little girl, I enjoyed to study plus write.

My parents obtained myself and others tons of different books adore mystery, fiction, biographies, plus adventure. I had every a single of the Doctor Seuss books in my collection, even the rare books that were hard to find. I had a pressing custom bookshelf in the corner of my room, plus it was filled by the time I was ten. Still, I kept getting books for my birthday, Christmas, plus all the holidays ion between those days. For my birthday a single year, my parents had custom shelves built in my dining room. They turned the entire wall into a custom bookshelf. They hired a team of suppliers to work in the house. The whole work took a few days, plus I slept in my brother’s room while they worked. There was dust all over my stuffed critters, bed, plus TV. I hated having to sleep in my brother’s room, but I was actually gleeful to see the custom-built bookshelf. After the 4th afternoon of construction, my parents let myself and others enter the dining room. The entire west wall of my dining room was transformed into a attractive oak bookshelf. The oak was stained in a light color, however you could still see all of the lines plus knots. By the end of college, I did not have any more room on those shelves for a single book. When I got married, my Dad turned the room into a Borders. All of the items in the room are dedicated to learning plus studying. My Dad even displays my spelling bee ribbons in the corner.

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