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I have been slowly weaning myself off the air conditioner

Now, I am weaning myself off the air conditioner

Lately, I have become very concerned about my use of the air conditioner. I rely on my air conditioner so much. When I was a kid, I never had an air conditioner in my house, and I was able to get along fine without it. During the day, I would play outside near the creek or under the trees, and I rarely got hot. At night, the temperatures would drop, so I didn’t need an air conditioner to stay comfortable. When I first got my air conditioner, I was pretty excited. Somehow, I seemed to convince myself that life, before I had the air conditioner, must have been completely miserable, and now that I have the air conditioner, I was in paradise. However, once I started using the air conditioner regularly, I began to notice that I was unable to tolerate the heat anymore. If the air conditioner stopped working in my house, I was forced to go somewhere in public where there was air conditioning. Otherwise, I felt like I was dying from the heat. If the air conditioner stopped working in my car, it was even worse! It was even bad walking form an air-conditioned area to an area without air conditioning. I began to fear that I wasn’t able to tolerate heat anymore, a sure indication that I was growing weaker. Now, I am weaning myself off the air conditioner. I slowly am turning the air conditioner to a warmer setting, until one day, when I can turn off the air conditioner for good. Then, all my fears will be gone.

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