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I proposed to my wife by pretending to fix my air conditioner

I had no idea how I was going to propose to my fiance I am not a huge person for surprised, and I am also not the kind of guy that plans events in advance.

  • If I were to tell my fiance that we were going to a fancy restaurant or on vacation, she would automatically assume that I was going to propose.

That is where my air conditioner comes into play. My wife knows very little about air conditioners, and she also has no idea how to turn a breaker off. The plan was so simple. All I had to do was turn the breaker off to my air conditioner, and begin to work on the air conditioner. My wife was watching me work, so I asked her if she would be willing to hand me tools. Before I began working on the air conditioner, I placed the engagement ring inside a set of screwdrivers. Once I got to the point that I would need the screwdriver for the HVAC unit, I asked her for it. She opened up the bag and immediately saw the ring! She was so excited, and she accepted my offer. That is when I confessed that the air conditioner was not actually broken. I intentionally shut off the breaker for the air conditioner to set up a scenario for her to see the ring. She playfully punched me, happy to be engaged and happy that our air conditioner was not broken. Who would have thought that broken air conditioners could be so romantic? Not me!

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