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My wife wants to become an HVAC technician

My wife and I aren’t able to have kids.

Medically, it is an impossibility.

When we first got, I was earning enough money to allow her to be a stay-at-home wife. We were hoping that we would have kids because her dream is to take care of our home and our children. Unfortunately, since we aren’t able to have kids, my wife spends most of her time home alone, and she gets very lonely. We have been discussing the idea of her getting a job, and the job she wants frankly surprised me. My wife wants to become an HVAC technician. She has no experience as an HVAC technician, so I have no idea where that desire came from. However, she told me that we spend a ton of money paying an HVAC technician to fix our air conditioner or furnace whenever they stop working. Furthermore, the price of installing a new air conditioner or furnace is astronomical. She wants to be an HVAC technician so that she can offset those costs so that we can save money. Also, she learned that HVAC technicians get paid a lot of money to help people stay comfortable, and she wants to spend her time helping other people. She just enrolled in an HVAC trade school, and I can honestly say that I can’t be any prouder! I am very confident that my wife will be able to pass the tests, and I think that she could be the best HVAC technician in the world if she set her mind to it! I am so happy for her.

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