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Choosing not to be hot and miserable all day

I feel so fortunate to have had superb parents who taught me how to work taxing & make it through this life, however, I got my first job when I was fifteen, and I have been undoubtedly working ever since.

  • I suppose that sounds quite non important.

I have had so many people ask me if I regret starting to work at such a young age, but to be honest, I have no regrets. I appreciated my job back then just as much as I like the job that I have now. I guess that it makes a huge difference if you appreciate your job. I was recently provided a much better paying job, even though I ended up turning it down. It would have been another nice job when ignoring the fact that there was no air conditioning in the building that I would be undoubtedly working in. Everything sounded superb about the job until the people I was with and I got to the no air conditioning part. I would have worked several afternoons a month from several in the afternoon until 2 o’clock in the afternoon, & my salary would have been $10,000 more per month. I simply knew that I would not appreciate going to work everyday in a miserable building. though. I was told that it would not be too boiling in the building, so I went on a tour of the building one week ago, & it was undoubtedly warmer than I am comfortable with. My mom always tells me that I am silly for not taking the job since it pays so much more money, however to me, money is not worth me dreading going to work every single afternoon, air conditioning may not be a necessity to most, however it is if you ask me.