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Florida doesn’t have state taxes

There are a lot more reasons to visit and move to Florida than their hundreds of miles of beaches. There are more natural springs springs in Florida than in any other part of the world. There are several different ecosystems that range from dry sandy beaches to the humid cypress swamps. There are several major tourist spots like Daytona Beach, Tampa Bay and Orlando. I discovered that there are not just the touristy reason to move to Florida, but there is a business draw for me. There are no state taxes imposed on business. That is the reason I chose to move my business to Florida. My partner and I were going broke trying to pay the taxes for our small business. When we found out that Florida doesn’t have taxes, we moved within a year. We knew it was risky to make the move, but it was great for business. My partner makes soaps, lotions and sells them along with health and beauty supplies. Renting a storefront in Tampa Bay is expensive, but not paying taxes makes it cheaper. Since moving to Tampa Bay, we have been watching our business grow every quarter. We plan on buying a boat in a couple of years, as part of our retirement plan. We love sailing, fishing and scuba dive. When we sell the company in ten to fifteen years, we would like to move onto our boat and sail around the world. Although we aren’t going to be able to do for several years, we are moving in the right direction to make our dreams come true.


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