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Florida Springs are a visiting must.

Located a couple miles outside of Tampa Bay are the Florida Springs.

If you happen to be spending time in Florida, then you need to visit Florida Springs.

My partner and I made our move to Tampa Bay, about a decade ago and since then we have been to about one hundred of the Natural Springs that are located throughout the state of Florida. There is one spring that is only forty-five minutes from downtown Tampa Bay. Three Sisters Springs is an amazing sightseeing spot. Throughout the year, the water maintains a natural 72 degrees. The reason I love Three Sisters Springs so much is because it is the winter home to hundreds of native manatees As the tropical waters get colder, the manatees begin to make their way inland, in search of warmer water and they end up in Three Sisters Springs. There are other areas in Florida that also has native manatees during the winter, but our favorite will always be Three Sisters Springs. Weeki Wachee Springs, which is located in Seminole County discharges over 100 million gallons of water a day. When you go to Weeki Wachee Springs, you are in for a treat. They host the mermaid theatre. The mermaid theatre hosts live performers in an underwater show. If you like underwater snorkelling, Rainbow Springs State Park located a couple miles outside of Tampa Bay area, is the place for you. The springs are full of alligator gar, rainbow trout, perch and other native fish. If you are coming to Florida, you need to visit the Tampa Bay area. There are thousands of reasons and each one is a new attraction.
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