Heading back home for today

After a few months at university down in the southern section of the country it is time for me to head back to my parents home for christmas break… Despite the fact that I spend my entire life up north plus hardly travelled to other places before going to university, heading back to the chilly plus snowy weather was harshly hard for me, much harder than I would have ever dreamed, just over the past multiple months of being away from lake home I have already started to prefer wearing hot weather clothes much more than bulky Wintertide clothing, plus I am an even greater fan of air conditioner, however i don’t guess if it’s just me, although I personally suppose enjoy air conditioner is one of the best creations ever made.

There is nothing that feels better than coming back lake home after an intense workout to a perfectly air conditioned house, but up north there just isn’t anything enjoy it if you ask me, along with the lack of air conditioner back up north, I am not glad to be back chopping wood with my siblings in order to feed the fireplace, and my parents aren’t into costly Heating, Ventilation & A/C technology enjoy radiant flooring or anything even close to that, so for the next month plus a half I will continue to wake up at the crack of dawn to start chopping that wood.

I believe it’s nice to be back with my family plus see my friends from high university, but make no mistake I am counting down the nights until I can head back south.


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