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Heated flooring and insulation really made a difference

Whoever insulated my house did a terrible job.

Cold air leaks into the house during the winter.

I used to own a boiler system, but it hardly could provide adequate heating. The cold air came through cracks in the windows, spots in the door and along my baseboards. My heating bills were so high and the boiler died way before its time. Before I replaced with a new heating system, I did some renovations on my home. I took out all my old windows and replaced with new. I made sure to properly caulk and insulate around them all. I then replaced my door with one that actually fit and hung right. Then I removed all the baseboards to find that there was no insulation behind it. After the home was air tight, I ripped up the floorboards, had radiant flooring installed and put new tile on top. Now my home is toasty warm. I don’t want to give credit to. On one hand, the home being well insulated could be the reason it is so heated. No air is being let in. The heating system has a way better chance at achieving the thermostat’s temperature. On the other hand, heated flooring doesn’t blow hot air, it creates electric heat that stays at the flooring level. With no heat rising and every surface having the radiant flooring on it, the thermostat can be set lower since it stays hotter. No matter which method or both helped out my heating situation, I am grateful. It is the first winter I don’t think I am going to be freezing cold.

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