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I am very used to having A/C

I had left my home at 70 9 degrees while I was gone.

While traveling for vacation, I was shocked to discover that England does not use air conditioning much, if at all. My first night in an English hotel it was almost 80°. I left the hotel bad reviews because of their lack of any sort of air conditioner. I was uncomfortable and not used to this at all. I’m used to having cooled air no matter where I go. However, I felt bad about my harsh review when, over the next few days, I discovered that none of the hotels I stayed in had air conditioners. For that matter, neither did the stores or any other place. It was unusual to walk into any building in any part of England and encounter climate control. After a while I got used to it. After all, that part of the world just isn’t that hot. Even still, when I had a layover on the way back home, I was happy to see that my hotel room had air conditioning. It was nice to relax and feel the cool air flow over. And, when my plane finally landed back here in the US I use my smartphone to set my smart thermostat to a comfortable 70 degrees. I had left my home at 70 9 degrees while I was gone. I didn’t want it to get too hot and humid in my house. After all, that attracts bugs. I was really happy to see that my house was nice and comfortable and just as I left it when I got home. The air conditioner was working great.

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