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I will continue using my wood-burning stove until I die

Most of my friends have standard furnaces and other types of heating systems, and I don’t mind it that much.

I am an older man, and things have certainly changed since I was a boy. I am not resistant to change, and I would like to consider myself an embracer of new things. I have a smartphone, a television, the internet, and even an air conditioner in my home. However, I definitely don’t think that every piece of technology is best for society. In my opinion, modern heating systems, including forced-air furnaces, will turn out to be a detriment in the long run. One thing that concerns me is that people never stopped to consider whether or not furnaces and other types of heating systems were best for them. For me, I have always grown up using a wood-burning heating system, and I plan to use one until I die. Why? Because I don’t trust newer types of heating systems. First of all, newer HVAC units are created cheaply, and they constantly break down. Since I live on a fixed income, I can afford to constantly hire an HVAC technician to fix my heating system during the winter. Also, all modern heating systems require electricity, and from my experience, electricity tends to stop working in the middle of bad storms, particularly snowstorms. As an old man, it is dangerous for me to live without a heating system, and by burning wood for heat, I can ensure that I have heat no matter what. Besides, chopping wood for my heater is good exercise!

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