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I will never own an air conditioner in my home

The only time that I ever feel air conditioning is when I am at the store or some public building.

In my house, there isn’t a single air conditioner to keep my house cool, and that is just the way that I like it.

If I wanted to, I could afford to purchase an air conditioner right now. I could purchase the most expensive air conditioner on the market. This has never been a financial problem. It isn’t even a problem of paying the extra money on my electric bill to use the air conditioner. I am incredibly wealthy, and air conditioners are definitely within a reasonable budget. I am just not convinced that air conditioners are beneficial for the normal person. Sure, I think that if someone is working a difficult job in a factory, an air conditioner would be very helpful for them. Air conditioners in hospitals are very helpful, and they have prevented disease and bacteria for a long time. However, in the average home, what good does an air conditioner do? First of all, air conditioners make you so comfortable inside that you never want to leave. I know people that spend all day playing video games or playing on the internet because they don’t want to leave their air-conditioned home. Air conditioners make the average person lazy and unproductive, and I think that that is something to avoid. I have never felt uncomfortable without an air conditioner, but I know that if I purchased one, I would never be comfortable without the air conditioner. It is not worth the sacrifice.
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