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I’m thinking about moving to a warmer climate

I know it entirely sounds crazy plus love I am having some kind of midlife crisis, however I’m seriously considering moving in with my long distance husbandy next week; I’m just entirely sick plus tired of the cold weather plus the snow plus ice around here in the weather conditions where the people I was with and I live; Even though I use all kinds of energy savings tips that I find on Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C blogs online, I still end up paying a fortune in heating costs plus gas furnace repairs every single year in the winter. I do not like paying so much to run my electric gas furnace while in the winter, although I can’t lay being cold all Winter long, and as a matter of fact, whenever the temperature gets somewhere below fifty or sixty degrees outside, I just don’t assume comfortable. I love to set the temperature control in my beach house around seventy degrees plus I tend to leave it there almost year round. Even in the middle of summer, I don’t ever set the air conditioner below seventy degrees. But that’s mainly because the temperature outside here never gets sizzling enough for my taste! I am entirely considering moving in with my husbandy because he lives where it’s sizzling there nearly year round. I know it’s crazy to want to move in with him for that reason, however it’s also because he has a entirely good Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan in his condo. I entirely love him, although I also love the indoor air conditions that’s in his condo… Moving down there isn’t something that I ever planned on, however it’s looking better plus better as the temperatures here get colder.
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