It was an easy choice to make

I am so happy to have had attractive parents who taught myself and others how to task strenuous in addition to make it through this life… I got our first task when I was sixteen years old, and I have been really working ever since.

I suppose that sounds quite depressing. I have had so many people ask myself and others if I regret starting to task at such a young age, however the truth is, I do not regret it. I enjoyed my task back then just as much as I love the task that I have now. I suppose that it makes a huge difference if you love your task. I was recently gave a higher paying job, despite the fact that I ended up turning it down. It would have been another nice task except for the fact that there was no air conditioner in the building that I would be really working in; Everything sounded great about the task until we got to the no air conditioner part. I would have worked several days a week from two in the afternoon until ten o’clock at night, in addition to our salary would have been $10,000 more per year. I simply knew that I would not love going to task everyday in a hot building. though. I was told that it would not be too warm inside, so I went on a tour of the building last week, in addition to it was genuinely warmer than I am willing to handle, however my mom thinks that I am ridiculous for not taking the task since it pays so much more currency, however to me, currency is not worth dreading going to task every single day; Air conditioning may not be a necessity to most, but it is in my eyes.

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