My cat lays on the heating vent throughout the winter

However, there is another trouble with our cat laying on the vent

I am definitely not a cat person. My wife loves cats, and that is why I allow any sort of cat in my house. Even though we only have one cat, I can feel the irritation that boils in my heart as the cat strives to make my life completely miserable. One day in which he does it is by hogging the vents to the HVAC units. This is not good for many reasons. One reason that I don’t like it when my cat sits on top of the vent for the furnace and the air conditioner is that he completely hogs the conditioned air. This is especially noticeable in the winter when the heat is more necessary than cool air in the summer. The cat will lay directly on top of the HVAC vent, and after a few hours, you will begin to notice that the room that you are in is getting very cold. No matter how many times we try to move the cat off of the vent for the furnace, he always jumps back on. Lately, I have had to spray the cat with water just to get him off the vent so that we can heat our house with the furnace. However, there is another trouble with our cat laying on the vent. As he sits on the vents, pet hair and dander begin to get sent around our house, and it completely ruins the air filter in our HVAC systems. This could potentially ruin our HVAC units, and it also causes me to sneeze frequently.

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