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My family destroyed my thermostat

I get really upset when people try to include me in their conversations about their families.

I have a family that goes beyond the absurd.

I would love to have a family that has normal quirks like these people like to complain about. It is difficult to even talk to anyone in my family. I tried to call my mom for some advice the one time. Before we were done talking, I had heard all about her aches and pains, how much it was costing her to keep dad with his medication and I never did ask her anything. You can’t even begin to talk because my entire family will turn it around and they will always have more problems that you and trust me, you will hear all about their problems. We really are a very dysfunctional family who is also very selfish about everything. I don’t even like to have my family come to my home. Whenever they are in my house, they think they have the right to usurp my thermostat. All of a sudden, it becomes their HVAC system and they want to be able to control the amount of heating or air conditioning they should have. I am always going back to the thermostat to reset it. One time, my brother was at my house, along with his family. He and his wife had played with the thermostat so much that they had broken the dial. I ended up getting a Smart Thermostat so that only I could control the temperature. I had a lockbox put over the thermostat when I heard they were coming.


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