My girlfriend's cat likes to lay on the vents

I am definitely not a cat person, but my girlfriend loves cats.

This is why I allow her to bring her cat into my house.

Even though I only have one cat, I think the irritation that boils inside my heart as the cat makes me irritated! Her cat is always hogging the vents to the HVAC units. This is not wonderful for several reasons. One reason I don’t appreciate the cat sitting on top of the vents for the furnace as well as the a/c is because he completely hogs the crisp air. This is especially noticeable during the season of winter when the heat is more necessary than cool air during the summer. The cat lays directly on top of the HVAC vents, as well as after a few hours, you can feel that the room is cooler than normal. However, no matter how many times my girlfriend moves the cat off of the vents for the furnace, he always gets back on. Lately, I’ve had to spray her cat with water just to get him off the vents so that I heat my home with the furnace properly. However, there’s another problem with her cat lying on the vent, because as he sits on the vents, dander and pet hair begins to get sent around the house, as well as it completely ruins my air filter for the HVAC system. This could potentially ruin my HVAC units, as well as it also causes myself and others to sneeze frequently.


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