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She is complaining about the heat.

I have told you how much my family loves to complain.

  • It seems that no matter what happens, they always think that they have it harder.

Unless someone makes the mistake of telling one of them about their hardships, you never see that side of my family. Once the mistake is made, that poor person is bombarded with what a difficult life my family has and how they are constantly being plagued with hardships. I almost didn’t answer the phone the other day, when my mother called. I only had to say hello, and I was being blasted with how bad the weather was where they lived. He must have gone on for almost twenty minutes, telling me how hot and humid it was. I’m sure it was getting hotter in her house, by the minute, with all of the hot air she was emitting from her talking. She told me how the air conditioning was working so hard. She said it had never been so hot in the house before, and it was because of the air conditioning not working properly. She said that her AC was costing them more money to run that it ever had. I put the phone down and went about doing my housework as my mother complained about the air quality in the house and how hot it was in the house. I almost told her that I lived in the south and I knew all about heat, but I knew that would have just got her complaining more. I left her rail for a couple more minutes before picking up the phone and telling her that I had to hang up.

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