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Smart thermostat gives me peace of mind

I was upset when I got home Friday and discovered that my heater had stopped working.

  • I felt terrible that my cat was home all day without any heat.

I had to look all over the house before I found her curled up in my bed under the covers. She never does this but she must have been trying to stay warm. My house was so freezing cold that I was concerned for her safety and mine. I called out a heater repair company immediately. They were able to send someone out that very same day to fix my heater. When I talk to the HVAC technician about keeping this from happening again, he had a few suggestions. First of all, he suggested that I have my heater professionally cleaned and serviced at least once a year. The other suggestion that he had was that I get a smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat I can connect the thermostat to my phone. I can even set an alarm so that the thermostat tells me if my house drops below a certain temperature. I asked the technician if this could be installed right now and he said that he could do it for me. It did not take long for him to hook it up and it cost less than I would have expected. Now, when I go back to work on Monday I can see what my home temperatures are from my smartphone. I will know if my cat is warm and comfortable or if I need to rush home and handle another heating emergency. Also I will make sure to get the preventive maintenance next year as well.

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