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Trying to trim the cost of running the furnace

I absolutely hate the cold winter weather.

I don’t like to ski, snowmobile, ice skate or participate in any cold weather activity.

When the outside temperature drops below fifty degrees, I hide in the house and run the furnace. The only time I head outside is when I’m forced to shovel snow from the driveway or scrape the ice from the car. It’s necessary to bundle up in so many layers of sweaters and heavy coat and boots that it’s difficult to move. Inside the house, with the heater blasting, the air becomes overly dry. I suffer from nosebleeds, chapped lips, frizzy hair, dry skin and static shock. It also costs a fortune to keep a warm home. I refuse to bundle up to keep comfortable in my home, so I continually raise the thermostat setting. To trim down the enormous energy bills, I’ve tried all sorts of strategies. I’ve replaced all of the old windows in the house with Energy Star, thermal pane alternatives. I make sure to caulk around the windows and weatherstrip the exterior doors. I’ve increased the level of insulation in the walls, ceilings and attic and even insulated around all of the plumbing pipes and electrical outlets. I added ceiling fans to push the heated air toward the floor and I faithfully change the air filter in the furnace every month. In early fall, I conscientiously hire a licensed HVAC contractor to service the heating system. Despite all of these efforts, I still pay unreasonably high heating bills. It’s simply the cost of living in an area with long and severe winter weather. My goal is to save up enough money to quit my job and move south.

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