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We rented a car at Tampa International

Last May, my best friend came to visit me. She had never been in Florida before and I wanted for her to have a great time while visiting all of the sights that Tampa offered us. Originally she planned on driving, but she was able to get a great price by planning ahead. She was able to get her flight with no additional cost for baggage or flight insurance because of the ticket package they were offering. She was also to add a rental car that she could pick up when she got to Tampa International. She got an amazingly low price when she added it to her package for the flight to the Suncoast. When she got to her destination she went to the rental booth to get the keys to her car They told her that the car wasn’t available and they offered her a sporty convertible for the same low price of $11 a days. The price was already low, but for a convertible, it was a dirt cheap price. The two of us went to Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay, in that little convertible. We had an amazing time while she was in Florida. We even took a day and visited the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. We were both pleased that she had spent such a low amount on the vehicle rental in Tampa. This left her a lot of money to be able to buy some amazing food and gifts to take home with her. We also made a lot of memories for both of us. I’m hoping she will consider returning next year so we can make even more memories.