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Went on vacation – wasn’t ready for winter when I returned

It’s always a challenging time of year to try to make any big plans.

It’s so difficult when you have the holidays right around the corner to commit to any other event.

I was feeling desperate to get some time off of work, even though I knew that the holiday vacations were right around the corner. As much as I enjoy having time off and spending it with my family, I was hankering for some alone time and a real relaxing vacation before contending with the holiday cheer and obligatory gift giving. I decided I would go out of town and take a quick trip down to Mexico for a last breath of hot air. This seems like a positive and relaxing idea at the time, but I wasn’t expecting such drastic changes to take place in my absence from home. By the time I returned from Mexico, the winter season was in full effect. When I got off the plane the outdoor air temperature was 30 degrees. I shivered the entire way home because I was ill equipped with my vacation gear rather than warm winter clothing. When I got back to the house, it was completely frigid inside because the central heating system had been turned off. In fact, when I attempted to turn on my central heat, there was an enormous bang and a terrible smell. My forced air furnace immediately failed without having proper professional servicing. Now, I got to sit in the freezing cold house and wait for an emergency HVAC repair appointment. When I went on vacation to relax, I really didn’t expect my return home to be so ice cold.

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