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Which is better: natural gas or electric furnaces

When it comes to furnaces, there are really one two types: a natural gas furnace and an electric furnace.

Sure, there are many different brands and types of furnaces, but when you really cut to the chase, these are the two main types of furnaces.

However, which one is better? When you are building a house, should you purchase an electric furnace or a gas furnace? Well, in order to answer this question, you need to realize the differences. From the beginning, an electric furnace is much cheaper than a gas furnace. The prices of these two HVAC units differ drastically. Each furnace comes with its own installation fees, but the price of a natural gas container and all of the installation adds up to be a bit pricier. When you purchase a natural gas furnace, you are also forced to purchase a gas stove and a gas water heater. This also goes with electrical furnaces. However, once you have purchased the HVAC units, gas furnaces and other appliances tend to be less expensive in the long run. Electric furnaces are much more expensive to use, and you will actually begin saving money that will nearly equal the whole thing by purchasing a gas furnace. The only trouble with a gas furnace is that you run the risk of running out of gas in the middle of winter. You also add an extra bill that you cannot forget to pay. However, neither one of these furnaces will work without electricity working. In the end, the kind of furnace that you choose will be up to you.