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Why hasn’t the HVAC industry changed much over the years

The HVAC industry continues to change as the times go by, but I don’t think that the HVAC industry is changing in the ways that we were hoping.

When you look at the HVAC industry today, you will find that the same format used to create furnaces and air conditioners is the same format that was used in the 1900s.

Sure, the HVAC units that we use today are smaller and a bit more compact, but I am honestly surprised that the air conditioners and heating systems that we use haven’t changed more as technology continues to advance. HVAC units aren’t getting any more advanced or efficient, and it leaves me wondering what improvements the HVAC industry has actually created. Well, first of all, HVAC units are definitely not as durable or long-lasting as the furnaces and air conditioners of the past. The packaging might be smaller, and the units might save a few dollars making your house more comfortable, but the HVAC units of the past used to last forever and were very simple to fix. Our economy is driven by sales, and it is much more profitable to create HVAC units that need to be fixed constantly than to create HVAC units that never need to be fixed. Today’s furnaces and air conditioners aren’t anywhere near as durable as the older models, and that concerns me. Maybe that is why the HVAC technology isn’t advancing. A newer, more efficient type of HVAC unit wouldn’t be as profitable. I wish that HVAC companies cared more for their consumers than they did for profit.

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