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Why would anybody refuse to have an air conditioner?

There are so many people without air conditioners that it literally astounds me.

Now, I can understand why somebody doesn’t own a central air conditioner.

Central air conditioners are expensive, and most people who don’t have a lot of money can’t just go out and purchase a central air conditioner right now. However, window air conditioners are another alternative that could fit into many people’s budgets. For the price that people pay for cable, for phone service, for the internet, or for their alcohol or tobacco, people could afford to purchase an air conditioner that could keep their house cooler. These air conditioners could be installed in minutes, and it is cheaper to replace one of these air conditioners after a few years than to pay for the maintenance and upkeep for a central air conditioner. However, I have met people who literally refuse to own an air conditioner, and they never plan on owning an air conditioner. For them, owning an air conditioner isn’t a cost thing. It isn’t even about the price of running the air conditioner long term. These people just refuse to own an air conditioner because they don’t think that they are good for society. What argument could someone have against air conditioners? Since the invention of air conditioners, we have prevented a lot of heat-related problems. We have even saved lives with air conditioners. Who would willingly want to live in a heated environment and feel miserable when they could have an air conditioner in their house that would make them completely comfortable? That is crazy!


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