A friend tried to install our new heating system

I knew it was a mistake when we asked our friend to install a new heating system for us.

Heating systems are very important parts of our home, but we were too cheap to do it right.

I just hate that HVAC technicians charge so much money to have your heating system installed. We knew we were being cheap when we decided to purchase our heating system online rather than through an HVAC company. Everyone knows that HVAC companies charge extra for the HVAC units because they try to make some of their money by selling you the products for more than they are worth. We found a great deal on a new furnace online, and we made sure to check that it was the right size for our trucks. After the furnace came in, we knew that we would probably have to hire the HVAC technicians to install it. My husband didn’t know how to install the furnace, and he didn’t plan on trying for the first time. However, I remembered that we had a family friend that installed his own heating system, so we decided to call him and see if he would be willing to install our heating system for us. We could offer to pay him, but we would still save money by not paying an HVAC technician. Sadly, our friend was not able to install the furnace. He was working at our house for a few days until he eventually admitted that he could not install the furnace. We would still have to pay him for three days of work, and we would also have to pay the real HVAC technician to install it.

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