Bought a new phone, but now I don’t have enough for a furnace

When the newest brand of phone I like came out, I was so excited to buy it! But when I saw the price tag, I almost fainted.

It was almost my entire paycheck! I didn’t make that much money, so I have to be considerate with how I spend my money.

I badly wanted that phone, so I started taking a small part of my paycheck each week and adding it into my savings. It took me several months, but I eventually had enough. I mentally checked off all of my necessities before I dare buy anything that was going to empty my wallet. Food, water, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies and all other payments I checked off, so I thought I was good to go. I should have realized that it would be better to have an emergency fund, then to be completely broke, especially if something goes wrong. Well I learnt that lesson today, when only a day after the purchase of my phone, my furnace stopped producing heat. The heater still blew air, but it was no longer warm. I have very little knowledge regarding heating and cooling technology, so I had no idea what that meant, apart from it no longer warming my house. I originally had enough to call an HVAC technician to come and troubleshoot the problem, but now that money was spent. I had already signed a contract with the phone company that if I broke the contract early, I would pay a fine. Luckily since the weather wasn’t too cold outside, my house wasn’t overly freezing, so I guess I could deal with it for now, until I save up enough money to call an HVAC professional.

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