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City Utilities Department Provides Energy Audits

Do you get sick of how high your utility bill is? I don’t think there is anyone, especially in my state, who feels like their electric bill isn’t too high. It is a seemingly impossible task to get the bills down by much, though. Most people have no idea what to do. Well, in general, the two biggest users of energy in your home are the HVAC system and the water heater. If you can tackle issues with those two energy drainers, you may go a long way toward saving a few bucks on your utility bill. Well, some people say they have the best a/c and heater they can afford, and they can’t just go out and replace their HVAC system with a new one. That, of course, is true, but that is not the only way for your heating and cooling to cost less to use. For example, you might be losing the air that your a/c just cooled or your heater just heated up. If your windows need to be caulked around the edges, you are losing the air conditioning and letting in the outside air. If your ductwork has cracks, you are losing your a/c to the outside world! If you just aren’t sure what to do to help your heating and cooling system work less, you can call the city. Just about all city utilities departments will provide their customers free energy audits. The worker will come to your house and do an inspection of everything and let you know what to do. A common move is to insulate the water heater. An on-demand water heater is also a good idea if it is in your budget. Also, eliminating drafts can help. Those old-fashioned cloth draft stoppers put under door frames and on window sills can help your a/c by keeping the cool air inside and the hot air out. Or, vice versa during the winter months.


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