Fighting with roommate about tiny transportable air conditioner.

I was assigned my roommate last year when attending college. We quickly became friends and started doing every college activity together. We could have easily been mistaken for brothers, that’s how much we are alike. I so glad to be done roommate searching, as every other roommate I originally had, I had a problem with. I had creepy Fred who sit in all darkness and talk to the closet. I then had weird Joey, who obviously had some form of kleptomania and could never resist stealing my items. He began to steal bigger items from my college and was kicked out. Last I had was Marie, who was a smoker. Smoking isn’t allowed on campus, and she was also kicked out. I was so happy to have a normal roommate for once, or at least one without any noticeable problems. Unfortunately, like most roommates, we eventually ran into a problem. Throughout the college dorms, some of the room’s a/c vents were sealed shut for some reason, and we couldn’t get them open. We were given a small transportable a/c system as a replacement. This began to cause fights between me and my roommate, as we could never decide where the air conditioning should go. I personally thought it should stay outside our bedrooms in the main room where we could enjoy it. But my roommate would constantly drag the cooling device into the bedroom and have it blowing in my face while I was sleeping. I don’t like waking up to a cold face. We still haven’t come to an agreement on where the air conditioning system should be placed.

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