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Finding love in the most unexpected place

For the longest time, I have been struggling to just get by.

My family has always told me that I should get a boyfriend or something, but I never have been interested to be honest.

That was until a little while back when I was having some serious issues with my HVAC system. I actually hesitate to call the HVAC company because I knew that the fix for my HVAC system was going to be extremely expensive. I knew this because I hadn’t called the HVAC company in years and then my HVAC system was showing the signs of neglect. Well, I wouldn’t say I was entirely neglectful but I should have gotten HVAC tune-ups regularly for my HVAC system. I did change the air filters regularly like I was supposed to though. So when I had the HVAC technician show up at my door, I was speechless. He was this handsome man with a great attitude. I never thought I believed in love at first sight or anything crazy like that, but I felt it in my heart like my heart just wanted to stop beating. I became entirely nervous suddenly and kind of lost my composure. The HVAC technician was calm and collected though and had such a wonderful smile. He walked with me to the HVAC unit and he got to work on everything. I brought him a few drinks and even some snacks that he was thankful to have. This one snack I brought him he really enjoyed and I told him that I made it myself. When he said I was a good cook, I told him I would make him dinner one day, and he accepted my offer! We ended up getting married a few years later!
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