Going rock climbing for fun

After several long months of almost nothing but work, I decided I really needed a rest.

I still had plenty of time I could take, so I went ahead and took a week off for myself.

I didn’t want to lie around the house doing nothing, I really wanted to try something new, but I couldn’t think of anything. I started reading on what others do on vacation, and one of them mentioned rock-climbing, So I wanted to give it a try. I searched up local rock-climbing walls and there was one close to where I live. Now I could have technically could have went on rock-climbing for free, if climbed up a mountain, but I’ll pass on the scary experience. I liked the idea of a safe rock-climbing experience that does not threaten death if I slip up. I drove to the location and already was a bit disappointed, I didn’t search up pictures of the place I was going to, so I didn’t realize the rock-climbing wall was outside. It was a warm day, but being directly in the sun was going to make it feel like I’m inside a furnace. I decided to still go for it, and have a good time. I slowly climbed up the wall and made it almost to the top, but my foot couldn’t get a good grip on the last rock and I had to go back down. I was pouring out sweat at this point and was glad to go home. I took a shower after that and sat down close to my air conditioner, and just enjoyed the cooling breeze for a few minutes. Maybe it wasn’t so bad to stay home and lay around, especially in this moment, the a/c machine felt great against my skin.

a/c worker