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How could you live without a heating system for so long

I don’t understand how my parents have gone so long without a heating system in their house.

When they bought the house that they were currently living in, it didn’t have a heating system.

Since they also didn’t have running water, the heating system wasn’t necessary to keep the pipes thawed, but it would get cold in the house. The bought the house as a fixer-upper, and they planned had a running furnace in years, to replace the furnace as soon as they could. Sadly, they aren’t very wise with money, and they haven’t really tried to save up money to replace the furnace. Instead, they blow their money on unimportant things, and they never bought the furnace. They haven’t had a running furnace in years, and I just don’t understand how they do it. They heat the living room and their bedroom with a combination of electric space heaters, propane space heaters, and kerosene space heaters. Their system for heating their house is the most dangerous system of heating that I have ever seen. In the years that they have been using all of these space heaters, they have almost caught their house on fire multiple times. Also, they are spending a fortune on fuel for these heating systems, making it even harder to get a furnace in the future. However, my parents seem perfectly content living without a space heater. I literally don’t understand how they do it. Their house is freezing cold in the morning or in the areas without any heaters. I know that I wouldn’t want my house to be like that.

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