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I can’t believe how much it costs to run the HVAC units in a business

Most people think that people who own businesses must be rich.

Obviously, you are making a ton of money from people who are buying from you. Even if you own a smaller business, everyone thinks that you are overcharging because you are greedy. When I began my first business, I wanted to become rich, and I definitely had the same misconception that you did. However, now that I have run my own business for a while, I can see that you spend a lot of money just owning a business. One of the major expenses in our business is the HVAC units. As a store, people expect to be kept comfortable, and your HVAC units play a big part in that. We are essentially required to have the best furnace and a working central air conditioner unless we want to lose business. When I first moved in, we have old HVAC units, and I have had to pay to have a new furnace and a new central air conditioner installed in our store. Also, since we try to avoid as many breakdowns as possible, we pay for HVAC technicians to come out regularly to inspect our HVAC units and ensure that they aren’t going to break down soon. Still, we have problems, and I have personally spent thousands of dollars just on the repair of our furnace and air conditioner. However, this doesn’t even compare to the cost of just using the HVAC units on a daily basis. This is just one of the many reasons that owning your own business isn’t cheap.