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I can’t decide which is worse

For such a long time I lived in the dry heat of the desert.

They told myself and others that the dry heat would be superb for my asthma.

I guess that my asthma was better, however it truly wasn’t superb for my skin. I ended up looking about fifteen years older than I am due to all of that dry heat. My skin became itchy and it peeled. My nails were brittle and they cracked. I knew that I had to get out of these intense weather conditions. I had an A/C component with the humidifier, but I had to be outside quite a bit since I was a realtor. I thought it would be best if I got out of this weather conditions and into 1 where there was some humidity. I moved to the Southeast. Moving to the Southeast wasn’t the smartest transfer I have ever made. I am at home most of the time with the A/C running with the dehumidifier working. I have to admit that I am not having a lot of trouble with my asthma and my skin is no longer dry and peeling. As long as I am inside with the A/C, I am more or less quite comfortable. The concern I am having is that my hair is naturally curly, and now it is frizzy. I have a very massive problem with my legs and feet swelling to the point where I need to wear my high heels all day just in case I have a home showing. I may not get them off all that easily, but at least they are already on.


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