I fell through my trampoline!

As I stood there looking at the old house, all of the memories came flooding back to me.

Standing and playing in the yard, decorating my room and in general having fun.

This old house brought back a lot of old memories, most of which were good. Then my eyes settled on the trampoline, it still looked like I remembered it, except a bit rustier. I suddenly felt my inner child come to life and demand me to jump on the trampoline! I instantly wanted to experience the same thrill I got when I used to jump on the trampoline and I plunged on it. For the first few moments, it was sheer happiness and feeling like I was a kid again. Then suddenly, the trampoline snapped below me and I felt through! It didn’t help that there was an old rotting tree stump right below the trampoline, my back slammed right on top of the tree stump and achingly scraped against my entire backside. I yelled in pain and clambered up. I unfortunately was away from my current house, so I had to quickly drive back while I was still bleeding. I looked at the wound in the mirror and it was worse than I expected, it went down almost my entire backside and I had dirt coating the surface. I decided to go to the doctor since that could be serious if bacteria got into the wound. The doctor cleaned up the wound nicely and allowed me to go home. The cooling air from the air conditioning made my back feel a bit better, so I sat and pouted in front of my a/c device. I sat there and let the cooling unit cool my wound, before I went to lay down.

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